Project R-13797


Process mining in healthcare from the perspective of healthcare professionals (Research)


Hospitals are confronted with the permanent challenge of providing high-quality care with limited resources in the context of increased care needs (e.g. due to the ageing population). Running efficient work processes is a factor that can contribute towards tackling these challenges. Hence, healthcare organisations are increasingly looking for potential areas to improve work processes. In this respect, it should be noted that work processes in healthcare are increasingly being supported by health information systems such as electronic patient files. Such systems automatically record process execution data, reflecting the activities that have been executed in a work process. Analysing this data using process mining algorithms can support healthcare organisations in identifying improvement areas for work processes. While process mining has already been extensively applied in the healthcare domain, most studies look at work processes from the patients' perspective. However, healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses also play a key role in the execution of care processes. They experience very high work pressure, leading to job dissatisfaction, increased risks of burnout and high staff turnover rates. In this project, novel algorithms will be developed to use process execution data to analyse and improve work processes in healthcare from the perspective of healthcare professionals. This offers an innovative and complementary angle to the dominant research stream on process mining in healthcare that solely considers the patients' perspective.

Period of project

01 October 2023 - 30 September 2027