Project R-1355


Consumer Open Innovation and Open Manufacturing Interaction for Individial Garments - Open Garments (Research)


The overall objective of Open Garments is the Manufacturing Service Provider (MSP) Business Model enabling individual garments. This model will enable a new way of design, production and sales of consumer designed and configured garments, based on the provision of individualised services and products to customers and partners. This will lead to new product designs, to a much more customer satisfaction, and to an improvement of the stability and competitiveness of SMEs. Applying this the European Textile and Clothing Industry will be able to create and provide individual garments with a very high degree of customisation in terms of fit, fashion and function at a comparable price in typically 72 hours. The idea is to empower the consumer as designer, producer and retailer for individual garments by taking the creativity and the willingness of consumers by means of web-based virtual communities of individuals, adopting and integrating (mainly) existing digital technologies for design and production of individual garments in a framework of Open Innovation and (a new concept of) Open Manufacturing, and turning this into a new MSP concept for SMEs with an appropriate business model and tools, which coordinates, supports and manages the Open Innovation community and the Open Manufacturing network.

Period of project

01 September 2008 - 31 August 2011