Project R-1427


Ritchie: a center for mobile ICT applications within the heritage and cultural tourism sector.


Hasselt University, the Gallo-Roman Museum and the Provence of Limburg work together on the EFRO-project 'RITCHIE'. RITCHIE wants to develop an open demonstration -and knowledge-center for mobile ICT applications for the heritage and cultural tourism sector. With this knowledge-center, potential providers are informed about the various aspects that are important for a mobile ICT application for development of heritage. Mobility, social interaction, personalization and localization are the main lines of force in this domain. The project results from the researchproject Archie (May 2005 - August 2008). Contacts with the vast heritage and cultural tourism sector, as a result of the Archie Project (R-0981), show the need for advice on deployment and usability of mobile ICT applications and a good coordination of such technologies in the target environment.

Period of project

01 September 2008 - 30 November 2010