Project R-2907


GameHUB: Unlocking the game development expertise for start-ups and SMEs and in preparation for the realization of a game incubator in Genk (Research)


The GameHUB project focuses on the valorization of the existing knowledge in the field of game development and will offer (starting) SMEs the necessary knowledge tools to develop innovative products and/or services with an economic surplus value. The project focuses on three primary objectives: Knowledge diffusion: The development of a knowledge junction, coupled with an extensive, targeted dissemination strategy to finally open the developed ICT knowledge, as well as new development for (starting) SMEs. Knowledge utilization: the valorization of knowledge through the development of three pilot case studies in cooperation with actors from the cultural, (bio-) medical and educational sectors. In the development of these pilots pre-starters, starters and existing entrepreneurs are actively involved so they are faced up maximally on the offer relating the expertise of ICT-tools. Knowledge acquisition: The active involvement of the target groups in a workshop functioning: empowerment through the acquisition of knowledge for a business economic reality and transformation in innovative products and/or services.

Period of project

01 April 2010 - 31 March 2012