Project R-3536


Representation and algorithms for capture, visualization and manipulation of moving 3D objects, subjects and scenes.


Computer-generated graphics and imagery have become ubiquitous in numerous fields including film, computer games, medical and scientific visualization, architecture, telecollaboration, virtual walkthroughs, advertising, and social internet applications. However, generating and integrating truly realistic synthetic imagery and photographs or video remains cumbersome, challenging and prohibitively computationally expensive. We propose to overcome these difficulties by developing a novel representation of moving 3D objects and scenery, that will bridge the gap between geometry-based approaches (such as triangle meshes) traditionally used for modeling and rendering, and pixelbased approaches traditionally used for images and videos. By combining the advantages of both approaches, we will enable new applications such as interactively navigating 3D video environments augmented with virtual objects (and vice versa) while maintaining fully realistic appearance and lighting.

Period of project

01 January 2012 - 31 December 2015