Project R-2353


SANTA BUMO: Stylized ANimation: Technology And Business MOdelling (Research)


The conventional animation domain can be divided into two categories: (a) 2D traditional animation, in which artists create animation on a 2D canvas by drawing and coloring characters and objects (possible through computer-assisted means) in successive frames, and (b) 3D computer animation, in which artists create animation in a 3D virtual space by modeling, animating and rendering characters and objects for each frame of the animation. Each of the animation categories has its particular production techniques, resulting in specific according animation styles with their advantages and disadvantages. In SANTA BUMO we want to investigate how completely new styles of animation can be realized in which the advantages of the 3D modeled approach (frame-to-frame coherence by using a model-based approach) and the advantages of the traditional approach (freedom of animation style) are combined.

Period of project

01 April 2009 - 31 March 2011