Project R-3248


RITCHIE: a center for mobile ICT applications within the heritage and cultural tourism sector


Hasselt University, the Gallo-Roman Museum and the Province of Limburg work together on the EFRO-project 'RITCHIE II'. The project partners again offer their expertise to the heritage and (cultural) tourist sector, aiming at the continuation of the iDiscover knowledge centre. This knowledge centre was set up during the initial RITCHIE project (September 2008 - November 2010), but appears to still answer an existing need of advice and support with the introduction of a mobile ICT solution, which matches closely the context of their organisation, their stories and their infrastructure. The support services the knowledge centre offers will be further developped and will address some recent challenges in the domain on a technological level, an educational level and regarding the cultural and tourist demands of the visitor.

Period of project

01 December 2010 - 30 June 2013