Project R-3890


3DTV 2.0 : preparing for the next generation of 3DTV applications (Research)


The goal of the 3DTC 2.0 project is to prepare for the next generation of stereoscopic 3DTV applications by improving capture and display technology, by building new applications such as 3D media sharing and gaming and by studying the 3D viewing/using/playing experience through lab experiments and in people's natural environment, when available in a living lab setting. First of all, research will be carried out into basic 3D capture and display technology. 3D video quality improvement is a first focus with research into algorithms for video denoising, superresolution depth map extraction and view interploation. A second technological focus is that of optimization of GPU assisted remote rendering of 3D applications by using available intra-application 3D information. A third and final technological focus is on automatic extraction of 3D information from 2D video streams to facilitate the creation of 3D video content.

Period of project

01 January 2011 - 31 December 2012