Acquisition of e-resources

Acquisition policy

UHasselt is highly committed to digital collection building. The University Library places a strong emphasis on providing electronic access through databases, e-journal collections, and e-book collections. The databases and packages provided by publishers like Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, Nature, Clarivate, among others are an important part of the UHasselt collection. Additionally, the university subscribes to various individual journals.

The library collection is partly financed by central funds and partly by input from the faculties. The purchase of extensive packages and consortia licenses is largely done at the Flemish level. In addition, important journals and packages that are not included in the consortia are purchased directly by the University Library.


The faculties determine the purchasing policy: they decide which databases and publications should or should not be acquired in relation to their teaching and research activities.

Specific research literature is purchased upon explicit request from faculty, researchers, and doctoral students. When purchasing physical books and e-books, the University Library focuses on making available didactic literature (the lists of required and recommended readings for students). This is particularly beneficial for scholarship students and international students. In this way, the University Library aims to contribute to social equity and making the university more inclusive.


If you have a proposal for the purchase of e-books, e-journals, or databases, please contact the University Library. The acquisition of e-resources is a tailor-made process: depending on the specific situation, we will work together to find a suitable solution.


UHasselt provides access to a wide range of electronic literature, including:

Web of Science | Scopus | SciFinder-n | IEEE Xplore | PubMed | AveryMathSciNet | Econlit | BEL-FIRST | Statista | Trends Top | Invert | myNBN | Acland Video Atlas of Human Anatomy | Muscle Premium | DETAIL Inspiration | InCites | MLA International Bibliography | Sociological Abstracts | Jura | Strada lex | monKEY | SocialEye | TaxWin Expert | Omnilegie | Legidex | Lexis 360 | HeinOnline | ...

For a more comprehensive overview of the available databases, please visit the list of e-resources.

E-journal collections:
Elsevier | Wiley | Springer | Nature | Sage Premier | ACM Digital Library | ACS | RSC | IOP | JSTOR | Emerald 360 | ProQuest Central | Business Source Complete | Art & Architecture Source | AIP | Legal Source | ...

For a more comprehensive overview of the available e-journals, please visit the A to Z-list of e-journals.

E-book collections:
Ebook Central | Elsevier e-books | Springer e-books | Wolters Kluwer digital book platform | Van Dale online dictionaries | Le Docte: quadrilingual legal dictionary | ...

For a more comprehensive overview of the available e-books, please visit the A to Z-list of e-books.

Some useful tools:

  • To search the entire library collection in one search, it is best to use the UHasselt Discovery Service, which is the central search bar on the library website's homepage.
  • To quickly determine if UHasselt has electronic access to a specific journal, including the publication years and package details, you can consult the A to Z-list of e-journals.
  • If you wish to have an overview of all potentially relevant e-resources licensed by UHasselt (if so required organized by faculty), you can visit the list of e-resources.

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