Campus Library | Diepenbeek

You can find our physical collections (excluding the Law Library) at the Campus Library, where you can also study individually and, in designated areas, engage in group discussions or collaborative work.

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Opening hours & closure

Campus Library | Diepenbeek


13/05/2024 - 19/05/2024


08.30 - 21.45


08.30 - 21.45


08.30 - 21.45


08.30 - 21.45


08.30 - 21.45


09.00 - 17.00



Closing days

  • Monday, April 1 (Easter Monday)
  • Wednesday, May 1 (Labor Day)
  • Thursday, May 9 to Saturday, May 11 (Ascension of Our Lord)
  • Monday, May 20 (Whit Monday)
  • Thursday, July 11 to Saturday, July 13 (Flemish Community Day)
  • Thursday, August 15 to Saturday, August 17 (Assumption of Mary)
  • Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2 (All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day)
  • Monday, November 11 (Armistice Day)
  • Tuesday, December 24 to Thursday, January 2 (Christmas and New Year)


A quiet place to study

Many students use the library as a place to study. We expect all our visitors to respect the silence and tranquility. Since the demand often exceeds the supply, the work and study spaces in the library are reserved for UHasselt students and members of the association.

We ask readers not to put the consulted works back on the shelves, but to place them in the white bookcase next to the copier room.

Collaborating on group projects

UHasselt students can use 10 rooms for group work: 6 open group work rooms that are freely accessible and 4 closed group work rooms that require prior reservation. In these spaces, quiet conversation is allowed.

The open group work rooms each have 6 chairs. The closed group work rooms have 8 chairs and are equipped with a TV screen and a flipchart.

Printing, copying, and scanning

Students, staff members, and emeriti can print, copy, and scan using their student card/staff card (make sure to load the necessary credit onto your card via PingPing!). External users (without a library card) cannot currently use these facilities.

PCs and UHasselt network

All visitors are allowed to freely use the desktop computers provided in the library. You can also connect to the wireless UHasselt network using your own device. External users can request a Wi-Fi day pass via, which grants them 24-hour access.

In the reading room of the University Library, visitors can additionally make use of the Eduroam network. Eduroam is an international collaboration between educational institutions that enables students, staff members, and emeriti from participating institutions to log in with their own username and password at any other participating institution. All Flemish universities are part of Eduroam. You can find a comprehensive list of participating universities and colleges on the Eduroam website.


Handbags and backpacks are not allowed in the Campus Library. You can store them in the designated lockers. Instructions on how to use these lockers can be found in this manual (pdf, 72 KB).

Please note:

  • You can only use one locker at a time.
  • Empty your locker every evening. To prevent misuse, any lockers still in use will be automatically locked overnight.

When you have issues with your locker or have forgotten your locker number, just visit the library desk, and we will be happy to assist you.

Borrow | Renew | Reserve


  • Students and external users can borrow up to four books at a time for a period of four weeks.
  • University of Hasselt staff members and emeriti have the option to borrow more than four books and enjoy a long-term borrowing facility (until the upcoming September 15th).
  • A work that has been checked out for an extended period (by staff members or emeriti) should be returned as quickly as possible if another reader reserves it. However, this will always be arranged through mutual agreement.
  • Passing on borrowed works is prohibited, unless you are a staff member or emeritus and you pass the works on to members of your research group or to your students. However, you remain responsible at all times in case of damage, exceeding the borrowing period, or loss.
  • Magazines, bibliographies, dictionaries, atlases, general and specialized encyclopedias, and other reference works, legal collections, loose-leaf publications, and also books marked with a red dot are not available for loan.

Through 'Mijn bibliotheek' (My Library), you can always check which books you have borrowed.

Please note: in Law Library Limburg there is only a limited borrowing option available.

Returning Books

Readers are required to return their books on time to the library desk. Those who are late will be barred from borrowing services for two weeks. After the third reminder, the borrower will receive an invoice for the reminder fees and another invoice for the replacement of the borrowed books. If you return the books, the reminder fees remain due, but the other invoice will be cancelled.


You can renew borrowed books online up to two times through 'Mijn bibliotheek' (My Library)  provided that they have not been reserved by another reader.


Through 'Mijn bibliotheek' (My Library), you can reserve documents/books (pdf, 409 KB).

Interlibrary loan

Works that are not available in the library or cannot be accessed electronically can be requested from another library through interlibrary loan. More information about the procedure and the fees.

Loss or Damage

Upon receipt, readers should inspect the work and report any damages found; otherwise, it is assumed that the work was received in good condition.

Upon returning the work, the person at the desk will inspect the work again to assess any damages.

In the event of loss or damage to a work, the reader is required to compensate for the repurchase or repair of the item.



  • Students, staff, and emeriti of the University are automatically members. Their student and staff cards serve as library cards.
  • Members of the association can become members by presenting their student or staff card.
  • External users can become members for €20.00/year or €3.00/day. This membership grants them access to both locations (Campus Library Diepenbeek and Law Library Limburg). Please note: due to high demand, the work and study spaces in the Campus Library are reserved for University of Hasselt students and members of the association.
  • The library has an automated access control system. UHasselt students and employees can easily gain access by using their student or employee ID card. External members and first-time visitors are required to check in at the library desk.


The library is used both as a study space and for research purposes. Therefore, we expect our visitors to respect the silence.

If you need to work on a group project, you can use one of the designated rooms. Campusbibliotheek Diepenbeek has 10 group work rooms: 6 open group work rooms that are freely accessible and 4 closed group work rooms that require prior reservation. The open group work rooms have 6 chairs, while the closed group work rooms have 8. In these spaces, quiet conversation is allowed.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking are prohibited in the library. Only water bottles are allowed.


All backpacks and handbags must be stored in the designated lockers. Instructions on how to use these lockers can be found in this manual (pdf, 72 KB).


All sanctions are issued by the head of the library after the reader has been heard. The reader may appeal to the Library Policy Committee. All sanctions are reported to the Executive Board of Hasselt University. The  decision on legal recovery is made by the competent Board of Directors.


In order to provide our students and staff with a wide range of (electronic) literature, the University Library UHasselt collaborates with Hasselt Limburg Library (Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg), Maastricht University, and KU Leuven. These partnerships warrant a comprehensive collection of resources and enhance access to diverse academic materials for the benefit of our staff and students.

Collaboration with Library Hasselt Limburg ('Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg' | BHL)

UHasselt students and staff members can optionally become members of the Library Hasselt Limburg (Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg). Unlike previous years, this is no longer done automatically. Those interested in a free BHL membership card can register through this webpage.

If you are already a member, you can renew your membership via the above-mentioned webpage. If you request a new card, BHL will notify you as soon as your membership card is ready. This process takes a few working days. You can then pick up your membership card at the reception desk of BHL by presenting your identity card.

The membership is valid until October 31 of the following year and can be renewed each year as long as you are a student or employed staff member at UHasselt.

Collaboration with Maastricht University

Biomedical Sciences students (masters, PhD students, as well as UHasselt law students) receive a UM student number and password via email at the start of their (first) academic year. These UM login credentials are used to access the e-resources subscribed to by Maastricht University. These UM login credentials remain valid as long as the students are affiliated with Hasselt University. In case of any issues with the UM login credentials, please contact or +31433885555.

Students who want physical access to the Maastricht University library can request a UM library card by emailing In your message, please include your date of birth and attach a passport photo. Tip: You can always find a passport photo in your UHasselt student dossier accessed through E-id.

Collaboration with KU Leuven

Students/staff of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Sciences are also students/staff of KU Leuven. As a result, they not only have physical access to all KU Leuven libraries but also have on- and off-campus access to all electronic resources subscribed by KU Leuven through their KUL login credentials.

For law students, please refer to the separate communication on the web page 'About Law Library Limburg'.


Campus Library Diepenbeek

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Do you have a specific question about Research Data Management, Interlibrary Loan, or Open Access? Are you experiencing difficulties with any of the e-resources on the library website? We are here to assist you! In this overview, you will find the contact information of the library staff members who can best help you with these issues.