Order procedure for books

Who does what?

  • The faculties determine the purchasing policy: they decide which books should or should not be acquired in relation to their teaching and research activities.
    • Specific research literature is purchased upon explicit request from researchers, professors and doctoral students. These purchases are always made using the budgets of the services, departments, centres, institutes, or faculties.
    • On the other hand, didactic literature for the benefit of students is fully purchased using the library budget. The University Library annually screens the study guide (specifically the lists of required and recommended readings for students) for this purpose. Ad hoc purchase suggestions are also welcome and can be acquired using the library budget.
  • The University Library is responsible for carrying out and monitoring the orders, cataloguing the publications, and reviewing the invoices.
  • The intention is for all books to be registered by the library and eventually made available within the library so that everyone (students, staff, and emeriti) can use them.

For books that are frequently used by a member of (academic) staff, a long-term borrowing facility is possible (until the upcoming September 15th). These books only need to be regularized once a year.

Order form

Staff members/emeriti with assignments who wish to purchase one or more books can place their orders online via FintrA (access on campus or through eduVPN).

  • When requesting the purchase order, choose 'BIB-UHASLT' as the (internal) supplier.
  • Provide the correct budget authority.
  • Very important: include the title and ISBN number of the desired publications.
  • If needed, you can request the University Library to place an expedited order (delivery time: a few days).
  • Let the financial department send out the order.

Upon approval of the purchase order, the financial department will forward it to the library, which will then handle the further processing and, of course, keep the requester informed.


The detailed procedure, including screenshots, is described in this manual/guide (pdf, 395 KB).

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