Request books | articles from other libraries

Books and articles that are not available in the University Library and/or cannot be accessed electronically can be requested from other libraries (= ILL - interlibrary loan).


Staff Members

Staff members and emeriti with a position can quickly and easily submit their document requests electronically. The costs are internally accounted for using a credit code.

Requesting a Book

  • Consult the library catalogue (which includes holdings from UHasselt as well as numerous other libraries).
  • In the document description of the desired book, you will find the 'Document Request' button.
  • Enter your UHasselt username and password, and then click the 'Confirm your request' button.

Requesting an Article

  • Consult the UHasselt Discovery Service or a database of your choice to check if the document is electronically available.
  • If the document is not available, you will be presented with a menu of alternatives, from which you select the 'Request via Interlibrary Loan' link.
  • Enter your UHasselt username and password, and then click the 'Confirm your request' button.

If you cannot find the desired document in the library catalog or a database, you can use a free-form request form, which is available electronically through Mijn bibliotheek (My library) under the 'My Requests' (Mijn aanvragen) tab.

Students, External Users, Emeriti without an Assignment

Students, external users, and emeriti without an assignment cannot submit their document requests electronically. Instead, they need to order the desired works (through prepayment) at the circulation desk of the library.

You can download and fill out the IBL request forms (book | article) in *.doc format in advance, or you can request a paper version at the circulation desk.


In Belgium, the standard price for interlibrary loan requests is

  • € 7,00 for an article up to 30 pages (€ 0,10 per additional page)
  • € 8,50 for a book per completed request.

Students receive a discount and external readers pay a service charge. See below.


Staff (PhD students included) | Emeriti

External readers



€ 4,00

€ 7,00

€ 11,50


€ 5,00

€ 8,50

€ 14,00

If the publication is not available in the network of Belgian libraries, the library places an international interlibrary loan request. The cost is usually higher and will be presented to the applicant before the order is placed if it is 20% higher than the standard price for interlibrary loan requests.


When the requested books have arrived, you will receive an email notification from the library. For documents delivered in electronic format, you will receive them directly in your email inbox.

Loan period

Strict borrowing periods apply to books that are borrowed on interlibrary loan. Furthermore, the lending library has the right to request an early return of the items, if reserved by one of their own readers. Copies (in paper or digital scan), however, remain property of the applicant at all times.

When violating the interlibrary loan period, users are excluded immediately from the entire interlibrary loan service for a period of 2 weeks after the last item on interlibrary loan is returned.

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