Remote access

Many electronic journals and databases are subscription-based and can only be accessed 'on campus' or when your computer is connected to the UHasselt network. However, through an EZproxy server, an institutional login, and for UHasselt staff members, a VPN connection, these resources can also be accessed remotely (e.g., from home or while traveling). For quick and direct access to all scientific articles licensed by UHasselt, the browser extension LibKey Nomad is also a user-friendly tool.

Please note that external library users who are not affiliated as staff, students, or emeriti with UHasselt do not have external access. Access to subscription-based electronic library resources is only available to them within the university library reading rooms.

Access with EZproxyserver

This option is available for staff, students, and emeriti of UHasselt. On the library website, external access to subscription-based e-resources is automatically directed through the EZproxy server.

After clicking on the link to the desired e-resource, you will be prompted to log in with your UHasselt username and password. Once logged in, you can access the resource in the same way as if you were 'on campus'.

Please note that some databases are never accessible outside the UHasselt campuses, even with the use of an EZproxy server. Remote access is not allowed in these cases as specified by the publisher. This is the case for a few legal databases, for example.

Access with institutional login

We recommend accessing e-resources through the links provided on the library website. However, on some publisher platforms, it is also possible to log in directly using your UHasselt credentials and access the content licensed by Hasselt University. In this case, you do not need EZproxy for off-campus access.

How does it work?

On the publisher platform, look for a 'Login' button or an 'Institutional login'/'Login via your institution' link. Then, select the name of the national federation (in our case, Belnet R&E Federation) and/or your institution (Universiteit Hasselt or Hasselt University). Afterward, you can log in using your UHasselt credentials.

You can also click on a publisher platform/database from the list below:

Access with VPN

In addition to the options mentioned above, researchers who wish to access our e-resources off-campus can use the eduVPN software. In the client, they should select 'Staff e-library access'.

Guidelines for installation and usage can be found on the Service Desk portal.

LibKey Nomad

The University Library has a subscription to LibKey Nomad, an extension that can be easily installed in your browser, providing quick and direct access to the scientific articles licensed by Hasselt University.

LibKey Nomad offers assistance in three ways:

  • If LibKey Nomad detects a downloadable PDF, it displays a PDF download button.
  • It works everywhere, so even if you are off-campus, you can see if the University Library provides access to the specific article (in that case, you will be directed through the UH proxy server to authenticate as an authorized user).
  • If access is not available through the publisher, LibKey Nomad searches for alternative options.

The LibKey Nomad browser extension is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Brave & Vivaldi and is user-friendly and easy to install. Visit, for example, the Chrome Web Store to add the extension to your Chrome browser. After installation, simply select 'Hasselt University' as the institution.


Unlike some other browser extensions, LibKey Nomad does not store UH login credentials in your browser, and you do not need to create a personal account. Your usage is not tracked.

Please note

The extension focuses exclusively on accessing journal articles. In other words, LibKey Nomad does not provide access to books and/or book chapters.