About Law Library Limburg

The Law Library offers a tranquil environment for study and research. Students, staff, and emeriti of UHasselt, as well as members of the Federal Public Service of Justice, may borrow publications for a limited duration.

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Opening hours & closure

Law Library Limburg | Hasselt


10/06/2024 - 16/06/2024


08.30 - 18.00


08.30 - 18.00


08.30 - 18.00


08.30 - 18.00


09.00 - 17.00





Closing days

  • Monday, April 1 (Easter Monday)
  • Wednesday, May 1 (Labor Day)
  • Thursday, May 9 (Ascension of Our Lord)
  • Monday, May 20 (Whit Monday)
  • Friday, August 2
  • Thursday, August 15 - Friday, August 16 (Assumption of Mary)
  • Friday, November 1 (All Saints' Day)
  • Monday, November 11 (Armistice Day)
  • Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas)
  • Wednesday, January 1 (New Year's Day)

Opening hours during the summer

From Saturday, 15 June, until Sunday, 15 September, there are special opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9 AM - 4 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: closed

Additionally, there are two extra closing days during the summer vacation: Friday, August 2, and Friday, August 16.

On Monday, 16 September, the Law Library returns to its normal schedule.

Mission & vision


The RBL preserves and provides access to a comprehensive legal collection tailored to the evolving information needs of various stakeholders within the Limburg legal community (students, academics, lawyers, magistrates, court personnel, notaries, bailiffs, etc.). Providing quality and customer-oriented services to every visitor is central to our mission.


The RBL aims to be an accessible meeting place between education, research, and practice that encourages the acquisition and exchange of legal knowledge.


A quiet space for study and research

The RBL offers around eighty study spots. Here, you can conduct research and study. We expect everyone to respect the quiet and calm environment. The library also features two 'co'lab boxes,' ideal for various group work activities. In the social area at the back (the 'm'eating room'), you can take a break, chat, or enjoy your own packed lunch or coffee.

For those focusing solely on studying, the self-study rooms at the Oude Gevangenis (Hasselt campus) and Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg provide an alternative. Additionally, the study spaces in the Campus Library Diepenbeek are always an option.

PCs and UHasselt network

All visitors are allowed to freely use the desktop computers provided in the library. You can also connect to the wireless UHasselt network using your own device. External users can request a Wi-Fi day pass via wifi.uhasselt.be, which grants them 24-hour access.

Printing, copying, and scanning

There are two photocopy machines available in the library: one is designated for use by Federal Public Service (FOD) for Justice personnel; the other is equipped with the UHasselt PingPing payment system. This allows all library visitors to make copies.

Borrow | Renew | Reserve

One-day and overnight loans

There is a limited borrowing option available, exclusively for students, staff members, and emeriti of Hasselt University, as well as members of the FOD Justice.

We distinguish between two types of loans:

  • Overnight loan: borrowing from one hour before closing time until one hour after opening time on the following day when the library is open.
  • One-day loan: borrowing for a duration of 24 hours (1 day)

User category

Type of loan

UHasselt students

Overnight loans

UHasselt staff and emeriti

One-day loans

Associated students and students from other educational institutions

No loans

Associated staff

No loans

Judicial Courts and Tribunals Hasselt

One-day loan

Bar Limburg

No loans

Notaries and bailiffs

No loans

External readers

No loans


No loans

Passing on borrowed works is prohibited.


Readers are required to return their books on time to the library desk. Those who are late will be excluded from the borrowing service for two weeks.

Stock requests

You can request all works located in our stocks at the library desk, but you cannot borrow them. When placing the request, you will be told when the work is available. The work remains available at the desk for 1 week.

Interlibrary Loan Service

Works that are not available in the library or cannot be accessed electronically can be requested from another library through interlibrary loan (although many law libraries generally prefer not to offer their books through the ILL system). More information about the procedure and fees.

Please note: Law Library Limburg does not handle individual requests submitted by non-members via email, fax, or phone. Each request must be submitted through an official ILL request.

Loss or Damage of Works

  • Upon receipt of the work, you should examine the item and report any damage. Otherwise, it is assumed that you have received the work in good condition.
  • When returning the work to the person at the desk, they will check it again to identify any possible damage.
  • In case of loss or damage of a work, you are required to reimburse the cost of repurchase or repair.



Students and staff members of Hasselt University are automatically members; their student or staff card serves as a library card. Members of the association (PXL) and tUL (Maastricht University) can become members by presenting their student or staff card. Students from other educational institutions can also access RBL for free provided they can present a student card.

(Honorary) magistrates and employees of the courts, tribunals, and judicial departments associated with FOD Justitie Limburg (Federal Public Service for Justice Limburg) are also automatic members; they receive a membership card.

Lawyers affiliated with the Limburg Bar Association, as well as bailiffs and notaries, can become members for €5.00/year.

External users can become members for €20.00/year or €3.00/day.

Alumni (masters) have free access to Law Library Limburg. Ideally, they become members of the vzw Phylexa (the alumni association of the Faculty of Law - alumnirechten@uhasselt.be | info@phylexa.be).

All visitors must always register at the library desk with their library card.

Code of Conduct

In the reading room, you are required to avoid any activity that may disrupt the proper functioning and tranquillity of the library or disturb other readers. Engaging in activities other than those necessary for study and research is not allowed.

  • Speaking aloud or making phone calls is not permitted. For group work, you can use the two silent boxes.
  • Law Library Limburg is a smoke-free environment.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed, except in the social room ('M'eating room') at the back of the library.
  • Bags, jackets, and similar items should be stored in the designated lockers.

After consulting materials, please place them in the designated 'shelf for used works'. The library staff will then return the materials to their proper location in the library.

Due to limited seating capacity, research work is given priority in the library. If you only intend to study, we kindly refer you to the self-study rooms at the Oude Gevangenis (Hasselt campus) and Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg.


All sanctions are pronounced by the head of the library after the reader has been heard. The reader may appeal to the Library Policy Committee. All sanctions are communicated to the Executive Board of Hasselt  University. The decision on legal recovery is made by the competent Board of Directors.

For criminal actions (theft, willful damage of material, etc.), the matter will be automatically reported to the  police.


  • The library cannot be held liable in case of damage or theft of personal items.
  • Visitors using the lockers must clear them and leave them open upon leaving the library. The library reserves the right to clear the lockers after closing time.
  • Library staff are authorized to stop the person from leaving if the alarm goes off. When borrowing works, users are subject to the registration system of UHasselt. In case of dispute, the data from the library administration are binding for the borrower.
  • The return must be done in the presence of the desk staff. The user is obliged to wait until the correct return of the works is registered in the loan system and the desk staff has confirmed that the user has no further obligations towards the library.


UHasselt collaborates with partners from the legal field, Maastricht University, KU Leuven, and Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg, to provide its students and staff with a comprehensive range of legal information resources.

Law Library Limburg results from a collaboration between Hasselt University, the Federal Public Service for Justice, the Limburg Bar Association, the Notaries and the Bailiffs.

Thanks to this unique collaboration at the intersection of research, education and practice, Law Library Limburg can offer its visitors an extensive and up-to-date collection, both digitally and on paper.

Law Library Limburg is led by a Steering Committee that consists of three members of Hasselt University and three members of the Federal Public Service for Justice. In turn, this Steering Committee is accountable to a Library Committee in which all the above partners are represented and in which mutual cooperation is central.

Tony Heeren, who played a pioneering role in the establishment of the LLL, was appointed Honorary President of the Law Library Limburg after his retirement at the end of August 2019.

The current President of the Law Library Limburg is Mrs. Karolien Ilsbroukx, Magistrate.

Collaboration with Maastricht University

At the beginning of their (first) academic year, UHasselt law students (bachelors, masters, PhD students) will receive by email their UM student number + password, to consult the e-sources to which UMaastricht subscribes. The UM login data will remain valid as long as the students are affiliated with Hasselt University. In case of problems with the UM login details: contact Servicedesk-ICTS@maastrichtuniversity.nl or +31433885555.

Students who want physical access to the library of Maastricht University can request a UM library card via umcard@maastrichtuniversity.nl accompanied by their date of birth and a passport photo. Tip: a passport photo can always be found in the UHasselt student file - via E-id.

Some background information

Maastricht University and Hasselt University have a long tradition of academic cooperation. This intense cooperation has even received a legal form through the establishment of the 'Transnational University Limburg' (tUL). Hasselt University and tUL are considered by the Flemish government as one and the same academic institution that received the legal recognition to organize courses within different fields of study. The joint Law Degree programme - also recognized by the Flemish government - is a good example of this. Besides Hasselt University and Maastricht University, the Catholic University of Leuven is also a partner.

The law programme is effectively conceived and presented as a three-partner programme, to which each partner contributes in terms of personnel, resources and content. The students of this programme should therefore not only be considered students of Hasselt University but also of Maastricht University and KU Leuven. This is evidenced, among other things, by the fact that all three institutions are represented on the diplomas awarded upon completion of the programs.

It is therefore self-evident that students from the joint Law Degree programme will have reciprocal access to the libraries in addition to a student account from Maastricht University. This is based on a long-standing agreement between the three partners and is considered a fundamental pillar of their cooperation in the context of this programme.

Collaboration with KU Leuven

Since KU Leuven is a partner in the joint Law Degree programme, UHasselt law students can freely visit KUL Law Library.

To make visiting this law library run smoothly, it is advisable to register in advance (one-time) via https://account.kuleuven.be/register.html. You will then receive a b-number (together with your own password) and when you visit the library this b-number will be linked to the KUL library card. With this b-number (and password) you can log in on the wifi-network "Campusroam" each time you visit the library. This b-number can also be used to log into the Limo catalogue.

Please note, to avoid misunderstandings: UHasselt law faculty students do not have off-campus access to the e-sources of KU Leuven. If they want access to the electronic subscriptions of KU Leuven, they must go to the KUL Law Library.

Collaboration with Library Hasselt Limburg ('Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg' | BHL)

UHasselt students and staff members can optionally become members of the Library Hasselt Limburg (Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg). Unlike previous years, this is no longer done automatically. Those interested in a free BHL membership card can register through this webpage.

If you are already a member, you can renew your membership via the above-mentioned webpage. If you request a new card, BHL will notify you as soon as your membership card is ready. This process takes a few working days. You can then pick up your membership card at the reception desk of BHL by presenting your identity card.

The membership is valid until October 31 of the following year and can be renewed each year as long as you are a student or employed staff member at UHasselt.


Law Library Limburg has built an impressive collection in record time. However, further expansion of the collection remains a significant challenge, especially as certain older legal sources and journals are no longer available. Hasselt University is therefore grateful for any donations.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Kelly Cleenders at kelly.cleenders@uhasselt.be or by phone at +3211374712.

Overview of recent donations


  • Donation from the law firm CMS (Antwerp)


  • Donation from Mrs. Anne-Marie Van den Bossche


  • Donation from the district court of Bree


  • Donation from prof. Ludo Veny
  • Donation from Mr. Rik Ryckeboer
  • Donation from the law firm OMNius
  • Donation from Mr. José Haustraete and Mrs. Monique Limpens


  • Donation from the law firm Hugo Lamon
  • Donation from Mrs. Lieve van Nespen


  • Donation from lawyer Henri Vandebergh
  • Donation from lawyer Wilfried Plessers
  • Donation from the district court of Bree
  • Donation from lawyer Johan Scheers


  • Donation from lawyer Johan Scheers
  • Donation from Mr. Armand Vandeplas


  • Donation from the district court of Maaseik
  • Donation from the law firm GEVACO


  • Donation from lawyer Bouveroux
  • Donation from several district courts


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Do you have a specific question about the services of the Law Library? Are you experiencing difficulties with any of the e-resources on the library website? We are here to assist you! In this overview, you will find the contact information of the library staff members who can best help you with these issues.