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Bie Plevoets studied Interior Architecture in Hasselt and Conservation of Monuments and Sites at the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation in Leuven. She obtained a PhD on adaptive reuse, approached from an interior perspective. Her research focuses on adaptive reuse theory. She has worked on the concept of genius loci in relation to adaptive reuse, and on various conceptual strategies to intervene in the existing fabric such as aemulatio, vernacular adaptation, and façadism. She is currently an assistant professor in the research group Trace and a senior postdoctoral fellow of the FWO Flanders, working on a project entitled ‘Reusing the Ruin: Building upon the fragmentary fabric’.

She is the author of the book ‘Adaptive Reuse of the Built Heritage: Concepts and Cases of an Emerging Discipline’, co-authored by Koenraad Van Cleempoel (Routledge, 2019). She is one of the curators of the exhibition 'As Found. Experiments in Preservation' by the Flanders Architecture Institute (De Singel, 2023-24) and conference chair of 'As Found - international colloquium on adaptive reuse' (Antwerp & Hasselt, 5-7 Sept 2023).


Discipline codes: Architectural heritage and conservation (06040201), Design research (06040104), Interior architecture history and theory (06040311), Architectural history and theory (06040301), Conservation-restoration science not elsewhere classified (06040699), Critical heritage (06040703), Heritage conservation management (06040704), Historical sites and landscape heritage (06040705), Interior architecture heritage and conservation (06040801), Interior architecture not elsewhere classified (06040899)

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