Postgraduate certificate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in (Business) Engineering

Postgraduate certificate • 60 ECTS • English programme

Work experience, social and professional skills have never been more important for engineers.

This programme offers the opportunity to gain a unique work experience through innovative projects. Furthermore, you will be able to focus on your own interests and the skills you want to develop. In doing so you will stimulate your entrepreneurial, managerial and innovation skills, as well as your further specialisation in a particular domain. This programme will strengthen your profile and career opportunities.

The postgraduate programme consists of 60 credits, 40 of which are comprised in the innovation project and a minimum of 20 credits are available for additional courses.

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The focus of the programme is on innovation and implementation in an entrepreneurial manner. The programme offers a unique and hands-on introduction to the job market and the industry. Through the innovation project and a customised curriculum designed to meet your personal needs, you will develop your technical, entrepreneurial and innovation skills. All of this will take place under the intensive personal coaching of professionals in the field and academic experts. Completion of the programme will allow you to enter the job market at a higher level and grow at an accelerated pace.

Innovation project

An in-company innovation project takes place within an organization itself and is carried out by one or two students. During the internship you will work on an innovative project in the (international) work environment of the organization, with an emphasis on the development and implementation of innovative products/processes. (consult study guide 4001 and 4002)

You can choose from:

  • One long project of an entire academic year within one company
  • Two short projects of one semester each within two different companies

You can select a project from our available projects or nominate one yourself.


In addition to your innovation project (40 ects), the programme consists of courses for at least 20 credits. You put together your own programme in function of the competencies you want to develop further. You can choose from courses from all participating universities.
An important added value is that the range of courses goes further than just technical courses. Attention is also paid to more broadening disciplines. While the more in-depth courses enable you to specialise in a specific technical domain, the broader courses are aimed at developing your personal, entrepreneurial and innovation competencies.

More information:

Admission requirements


Sufficient knowledge of English is required and is to be certified by one of the below mentioned tests. Native speakers or holders of a degree, obtained in the English language are exempt from these tests:

  • a TOEFL-score report (paper based: score 550 or more, computer based: score 213 or more, internet base: score 79-80). For more information about the TOEFL, go to Students who take in the test are required to indicate institution code 9005, so that the results are transmitted to Hasselt University directly. Note that we only accept academic TOEFL-test results.
  • IELTS-certificate (min. overall band score 6.5). For more information, go to On the day of the test, Hasselt University can be selected as the institution to which the test result should be sent, with reference to the contact person of the programme for which you wish to apply. Note that we only accept academic IELTS-test results.


On the basis of the following degrees, or similar degrees, obtained in the Flemish Community:

  • Master handelsingenieur
  • Master handelsingenieur in de beleidsinformatica
  • Master in de biowetenschappen (alle)
  • Master in de bio-ingenieurswetenschappen (alle)
  • Master in de industriële wetenschappen (alle)
  • Master in de ingenieurswetenschappen (alle)

Students are admitted to the Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering after completing the admission and selection procedure (consult study guide).

The conditions for starting this postgraduate certificate, after the selection procedure, are:

You have obtained one of the following Master's degrees:

Master of Bioengineering Technology (all)
Master of Bioengineering (all)
Master of Engineering Technology (all)
Master of Engineering Science (all)
Master of Business Engineering (all)


you meet at least one of the following requirements AND are enrolled in a Master's degree:

  • Obtained a degree that gives admission to one of the Master's programmes above;
  • Finished a bridging or preparatory programme that gives admission to one of the Master's programmes above.

Students who have been selected and signed an internship contract with a company for their innovation project and who meet the conditions above, can apply. Upon registration, they must provide the necessary evidence to prove that they meet these conditions (diplomas and/or registration certificates, signed internship contract).

Visa requirements

Tuition fee

Tuition fee 2021-2022

  • Belgian & EEA students: € 961,60 (fee of master of 60 ECTS)
  • Non-EEA students: € 961,60 (full programme of 60 ECTS)

The tuition fee should be paid in full before the starting date of the programme.

Deadline online registration

  • Students who require a visa must apply before April 1st.
  • Students who do not require a visa must apply before June 1st.

Registration is only possible for the full programme of 60 ECTS (degree contract).


Karine Evers

Programme manager

Prof. dr. Roos Peeters

Academic coordinator


Students satisfying the admission requirements have to complete an online registration.

  1. Identity: your contact information (name, date of birth, ...)
  2. Study programme:
    • Academic year: 2022-2023
    • Programme: Postgraduate
    • Postgraduate certificate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in (Business) Engineering

  3. Address: Enter your home address (domicile or official residence in your home country) exactly as it is shown on your passport or identity card.
  4. Higher education: Provide an overview of all programs (bachelor, master, ...) that you have followed (and obtained) that are relevant to this training.
  5. Specific training: Please mention any additional relevant education (not bachelor/master) here.
  6. Professional experience: Give your most recent work experience and / or work experience(s) that are relevant to the course that you are going to follow.
  7. Finances: How do you like to pay the registration fee: private or a company?
  8. Up/Download: Some documents need to be sent beforehand to the administration. Please upload these files here. (only .pdf, .doc or .jpg files)
    • Copy of your diploma(s)
    • CV
    • Passport photograph
    • Motivational letter
    • Proof of English

After the first step, you will get a log-in (e-mail & password). With these data you can consult, modify or complete your online application.


After your application has been accepted by the university, a Skype interview will be organised to see if you are suited for the programme. In this application you will be assessed by an interuniversity committee. Some of the most important criteria include knowledge of the postgraduate, personal motivation, personal learning goals and interests.

If your application is approved and you meet the admission requirements, you can officially enrol in the Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering.


Belgian & EEA students: follow the regulation of Hasselt University

Non-EEA students: deregistration is only possible for the full programme of 60 ECTS.

The following regulation is applicable:

  1. The student can cancel his/her registration by letter or by e-mail. This cancellation must be addressed to the programme director of the Postgraduate Certificate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in (Business) Engineering and have also been confirmed by this person.
  2. In the event of cancellation of the registration after admission and selection, but before the starting date of the programme, Hasselt University keeps 10% of the tuition fee for administration costs. The remaining amount will be refunded.
  3. In the event of cancellation after the starting date of the programme no refund will be made. However, if the participant may rely on any case of force majeure such as serious and long-term illness, Hasselt University keeps 10% of the tuition fee for administration costs. The remaining amount will be refunded.