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Postgraduate certificate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in (Business) Engineering

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Work experience, social and professional skills have never been more important for engineers.

This programme offers the opportunity to gain a unique work experience through innovative projects. Furthermore, you will be able to focus on your own interests and the skills you want to develop. In doing so you will stimulate your entrepreneurial, managerial and innovation skills, as well as your further specialisation in a particular domain. This programme will strengthen your profile and career opportunities.

The postgraduate programme consists of 60 credits, 40 of which are comprised in the innovation project and a minimum of 20 credits are available for additional courses.


Admission requirements and programme 

Students are admitted to the postgraduate certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in (Business) engineering after an application and selection procedure on condition that they have obtained their Master's degree in Engineering (consult study guide).

Students who have been selected and signed an internship contract with a company for their innovation project and who meet the conditions above, can apply. Upon registration, they must provide the necessary evidence to prove that they meet these conditions (diplomas and/or registration certificates, signed internship contract).

The focus of the programme is on innovation and implementation in an entrepreneurial manner. The programme offers a unique and hands-on introduction to the job market and the industry. Through the innovation project and a customised curriculum designed to meet your personal needs, you will develop your technical, entrepreneurial and innovation skills. All of this will take place under the intensive personal coaching of professionals in the field and academic experts. Completion of the programme will allow you to enter the job market at a higher level and grow at an accelerated pace.

INNOVATION PROJECT (consult study guide 4001 and 4002)
An in-company innovation project takes place within an organization itself and is carried out by one or two students. During the internship you will work on an innovative project in the (international) work environment of the organization, with an emphasis on the development and implementation of innovative products/processes.
You can choose from:

  • One long project of an entire academic year within one company
  • Two short projects of one semester each within two different companies

You can select a project from our available projects or nominate one yourself.

In addition to your innovation project (40 ects), the programme consists of courses for at least 20 credits. You put together your own programme in function of the competencies you want to develop further. You can choose from courses from all participating universities.
An important added value is that the range of courses goes further than just technical courses. Attention is also paid to more broadening disciplines. While the more in-depth courses enable you to specialise in a specific technical domain, the broader courses are aimed at developing your personal, entrepreneurial and innovation competencies.

More information?


Karine Evers | programme manager

E: karine.evers@uhasselt.be 
T: +32 11 29 21 33

prof. dr. Roos Peeters | academic coordinator

E: roos.peeters@uhasselt.be