About CERG

The Construction Engineering Research Group (CERG) focusses its research on the analytical, numerical and experimental assessment of the technical design of both structures and road infrastructure. In doing so, CERG wants to facilitate the transfer from fundamental research towards practical applications and into practice.

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Research methods

Analytisch (1)

Analytical modelling

Assessment of the mechanical behaviour of structures and structural elements using relatively simple design models available in the current standards and state of the art.

Numeriek (1)

Numerical modelling

The structural response beyond the scope of the available standards and under extensive loading configurations can also be modelled in more detail using advanced numerical models.

Experimenteel (1)

Experimental testing

Full-scale evaluation of the mechanical properties, failure modes, and structural response of structural components or systems are possible at our structural lab, the AC³.

Scientific services

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Mechanical tests

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Academic Consultancy

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Application Centre for Concrete and Construction


Design tools

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Collaborate with CERG:

  • Joint research projects: research and development in close partnership possibly financed by a third party (FWO, VLAIO, EFRO, H2020,...)
  • Scientific services or consultancy
  • Technology/knowledge transfer: strengthen your market position by accessing our expertise or licencing our technology
  • Collaboration with the research group through bachelor and master theses or internships

Want to collaborate? Check our contact details below!


Dr. Ing. Rik Steensels

Wetenschapspark 34, 3590 Diepenbeek
Business Developer

Application Centre for Concrete and Construction

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Wetenschapspark 34, 3590 Diepenbeek