About CERG

The Construction Engineering Research Group (CERG) focuses on the analytical, numerical, and experimental research to assess the technical design of both structures and road infrastructure. In doing so, CERG wants to facilitate the transfer from fundamental research towards practical applications and into practice.

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The Construction Engineering Research Group (CERG) was founded in 2014 as a part of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. Its research domains focus on the analytical and numerical modelling as well as experimental testing of mechanical behaviour of structural systems and the general design of road infrastructure. The research group strives towards applying fundamental research into intelligent and practical applications that meet the current trends and needs of the  construction sector and society.

The synergy between the fundamental and application-oriented research allows CERG to investigate, model and simulate failure modes in structures in pro- and interactive ways across the scales. CERG thus aims at bridging fundamental and application-oriented structural mechanical research. In this regard, the research group is committed to:

  • Contribute to the international state of the art as an accelerator of growth and innovation within the sector and society.
  • Support the regional companies by working together and developing efficient tools for the optimization of structural solutions.
  • Provide continuous education and training of current and future engineers by disseminating and applying the research results both for students at the university and professionals.

Research methods

Analytisch (1)

Analytical modelling

Assessment of the mechanical behaviour of structures and structural elements using relatively simple design models available in the current standards and state of the art.

Numeriek (1)

Numerical modelling

The structural response beyond the scope of the available standards and under extensive loading configurations can also be modelled in more detail using advanced numerical models.

Experimenteel (1)

Experimental testing

Full-scale evaluation of the mechanical properties, failure modes, and structural response of structural components or systems are possible at our structural lab, the AC³.