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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the University’s highest decision-making body. Apart from the Chair, Vice-Chair, Rector, Vice-Rectors and Deans, external representatives from the Limburg Provincial Council (6), civil society (3) and the economic sector (3) also sit on the Board. Academic staff, assistant academic staff and administrative and technical staff each elect a delegate as well. The Student Council (StuRa) designates three representatives on behalf of the students. The Board of Governors meets four times a year.

Chair: Jo Vandeurzen
Vice-Chair: Hendrik Verbrugge

Executive Council

The Executive Council acts as a decision-making body for the powers delegated by the Board of Governors. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors, the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and one student delegate sit on the Council. The government commissioner, the General Affairs Administrator and the Academic Affairs Administrator attend in an advisory capacity.

Senior Management Bureau

The Senior Management Bureau consists of the Rector, Vice-Rectors and Administrators and has an advisory as well as a coordinating/steering role in all policy preparation work. The Bureau has the authority to make decisions relating to all aspects of running day-to-day operations. The University Administration and the Board of Deans may also delegate tasks and powers to the Bureau.

Board of Deans

The Board of Deans is the University’s highest academic advisory body. It prepares policy proposals in the areas of education, research and scientific services. Apart from the Rector, Vice-Rectors and Deans, the General Affairs Administrator and the Academic Affairs Administrator are also part of this body. The Board of Deans meets twice a month.

Chair: Rector Bernard Vanheusden

Education Council

The Education Council advises the Board of Deans on all education-related matters (curricula, education and examination regulations, education calendar, educational quality assurance, etc.). All Faculties have a representative; the Student Council also delegates a member. The Education Council meets every month.

Chair: Vice-Rector for Education Wanda Guedens

Research Council

The Research Council advises the Board of Deans on all research-related matters (including research policy, allocation of research resources and evaluation of research). All Faculties and Schools are represented.

Chair: Vice-Rector for Research Ken Haenen

IOF Council

The IOF Council provides (reasoned) advice to the Board of Governors of the Limburg Association of Higher Education (AUHL) on the allocation of IOF funds to mandate projects and research projects. The research institutes and centres of Hasselt University, Hogeschool PXL and the business community are represented on the IOF Council.

Chair: Vice-Rector for Research Ken Haenen

Council for Internationalisation

The Council for Internationalisation advises the Board of Deans and Board of Governors on all matters related to internationalisation policy (including policy objectives, allocation of resources, Global Minds programme, university development cooperation, etc.). All Faculties are represented. The Schools and students also appoint delegates to the Council.

Chair: Vice-Rector for Research and Internationalisation Ken Haenen

Doctoral School Council (DS-Council)

The Doctoral School Council decides on the management and use of Doctoral School resources, in accordance with the relevant legislation. The Council also approves the annual planning of Doctoral School activities and formal reporting to the Flemish Government. It is also responsible for the approval of the Doctoral School policy plan.

Chair: Vice-Rector for Research and Internationalisation Ken Haenen

Advisory Board of Institute Directors

The Advisory Board of Institute Directors (ADIC) advises the Board of Deans on matters that directly affect the functioning of the research institutes. All institute directors sit on the body. The General Affairs Administrator and the Academic Affairs Administrator are also members of ADIC.

Chair: Rector Bernard Vanheusden

Student Facilities Council

The Student Facilities Council (STUVO Council) has the authority to submit proposals and advice to the University Administration regarding the proper functioning and organisation of the Student Facilities Office. Representatives of the Faculties and students sit on the Council. Depending on the agenda topics, external parties are also invited.

Chair: Academic affairs administrator An de Backer

Statutory Advisory Committee (SCvA)

The Statutory Advisory Committee advises the University Administration on appointments of academic staff members at a higher grade than lecturer; scale classifications in the academic staff framework of teaching staff members from group 3 of the integrated programmes; deviations from the tenure track route for lecturers to be appointed; promotion of academic staff and teaching staff members in the integration framework; and evaluations of academic staff. The SCvA consists of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans and representatives of all Faculties and Interfaculty Schools.

Chair: Rector Bernard Vanheusden

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for the development and implementation of the Faculty’s strategy and policy on education and research (including integrated quality assurance and internationalisation). The Board is chaired by the Dean of the respective Faculty.

Discipline Group Board

The Discipline Group Board has powers for education and research implementation and reporting within the discipline group in question. Such groups encompass all staff who conduct research and education within the same discipline.

Education Management Team (EMT)

The Education Management Team (EMT) is responsible for the programme's quality, organisation and content of teaching.

Examination Board

The Examination Board is responsible for the application of the education and examination regulations to individual students.