Connected to the Region and the world

Over the years, Hasselt University has created a dynamic network of higher education institutions, research centres, innovation hubs, governments, businesses and organisations from the Region – and far beyond. These partnerships have led to many exciting opportunities for education, research and innovation.

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Limburg Association of Higher Education (AUHL)

Since 2003, Hasselt University and Hogeschool PXL have been working closely together within the so-called ‘Limburg Association of Higher Education’ (AUHL). AUHL is home to about 15,000 students spread over two Campuses (Hasselt and Diepenbeek). The Association aims to foster the further development of higher education in the Region as well as enhance research and innovation with partners in Limburg.

transnational University Limburg (tUL)

The transnational University Limburg (tUL) is a unique collaboration between Hasselt University (Belgium) and Maastricht University (The Netherlands). tUL University was founded in January 2001 by the Flemish and Dutch governments. The tUL curriculum includes Computer Science, Statistics and Biomedical/Molecular Life Sciences. The Law programme is a cooperation between tUL and KU Leuven.

European University on Responsible Consumption and Production (EURECA-PRO)

In 2022, Hasselt University joined the EURECA-PRO European University Alliance. The network enables students and staff to study, teach and research in the field of responsible consumption and production. The long-term ambition of UHasselt and its partners in Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and Spain, is to become the European hub for education and research in sustainability.