Our main priorities

Learning, inclusive, international, sustainable. These are the four priorities in the coming years for UHasselt’s education, research and innovation – as put forward by Rector Bernard Vanheusden and his team.

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With these four priorities, UHasselt works towards becoming an even stronger University by 2030 – aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. To further boost innovation in education and research – and allow this University to excel – these themes will be reflected in everything we aspire to be and everything we do.

Making true on our civic mission

The four main priorities match the challenges that arise regionally, nationally, and internationally. Think of climate change. Energy transition. Shifting demographics. Migration flows. Growing diversity in our societies. Technological innovations. Changing economies. The growing education gap. With their ambitious agendas, the United Nations and European Commission (Green Deal) also challenge higher education institutions to step up.

These policy themes will enable UHasselt to make true on its civic mission.

Lerende Organisatie


We must build a society and organisation that nurtures a culture of learning with individuals, and creates opportunities for lifelong learning.

Inclusieve Organisatie


We must build an inclusive society and organisation where each individual feels at home, and where our University constantly works to increase access to higher education and educational opportunities.

Internationale Organisatie


We must build a strong international network of partners in Europe and beyond, and an organisation and a region attractive to brains from abroad too.

Duurzame Organisatie


We must build a society and an organisation that puts sustainability first in its further development and growth.