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HRS4R Met Witruimte

Hasselt University has a long tradition of focusing on research careers. In 2007 it was one of the first Flemish universities to sign the European Commission’s Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The Board of Deans of Hasselt University decided on 1 April 2010 to apply for an HR Excellence in Research award from the European Commission. Hasselt became the first Flemish university to receive the award in 2011.

After two evaluations by the European Commission, we are proud of the fact that the grant of the award was extended until 2026, showing that Hasselt University makes a point of investing in sustainable research careers for its researchers.

UHasselt has made the ambitions for a progressive HR policy concrete in a detailed action plan, the result of intensive collaboration between the HR department, the department of Research, Library and Internationalization, the Rectorate and, of course, the researchers themselves.

UHasselt initiatives for which the European Commission expresses its appreciation

  • The extensive embedding of the HRS4R principles in the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Strong focus on ethical aspects and research data management.
  • Focus on inclusion.
  • Focus on open and transparent recruitment and selection and providing support, training, automatic selection report and quality control.
  • Specific attention for career support and advice.
  • The implementation of an e-learning platform to support (personal) development.
  • Initiatives to promote ergonomics and a safe working environment.
  • Strong focus on administrative simplification.
  • Employer branding both nationally and internationally.
  • The development of a GDPR flow for research.
  • A well-being plan and psychological support for employees.
  • Offer of training for R2 researchers with a focus on the development of management and project management skills.
  • Work independently of place and time.

Recommendations of the European Commission

UHasselt takes these recommendations to heart with the aim of a continuous effort to further optimize the HR policy in order to realize sustainable research careers:

  • Making information and policy documents available to researchers in both Dutch and English.
  • Further announcement and visibility of the HRS4R logo and relevant information for researchers on the UHasselt website.
  • Facilitate the participation and input of all levels of researchers.
  • Further promoting research for the benefit of society and social engagement.
  • Further promoting and supporting open science and open access publications.
  • The further concretization of action points around and optimization of the evaluation process.
  • Developing a policy to outline continuous professional development for senior researchers.

More Information

HR strategy for researchers 2011-2017

HR strategy for researchers 2018-2021

For the years ahead, our ambition is to develop a progressive HR policy for our researchers in conjunction with the researchers themselves, the P&O Office and the Directorate Research, Library and Internationalisation.

HR strategy for researchers 2022-2024