OSCAR-QUBE return event

Mark your calendar for March 8th 2023! We're excited to come together and celebrate the return of the OSCAR-QUBE device from the International Space Station. Be sure to sign up soon to secure a spot and get inspired by amazing speakers from innovative and space companies, and witness culmination of the OSCAR-QUBE journey!

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Thank you for being part of the OSCAR-QUBE return event!

For UHasselt PhD students who did attend the return event, participation counted towards the Doctoral School requirement of S&T as 'category 'advanced discipline-specific knowledge' - seminar from an external speaker'.

About the event

The time has come… After nearly a year onboard the ISS, the OSCAR-QUBE device is returning to its birthplace: UHasselt. Our mission has always been to motivate students and show them that everything is possible. We now want to take this opportunity to deliver on that and throw a big event to celebrate the return of our experiment back to Earth and tell the story about our journey on the on the 8th of March 2023 starting at 13:00 at Agora - Building D (campus Diepenbeek). This event will highlight how we all started as students, how we got together and how we reached space, while setting an example for all new and future students.

As we want to motivate and inspire, we are bringing you additional talks. This way we don’t just tell our story, but include multiple perspectives on why teamwork, interdisciplinarity, and inspiration are essential in driving innovation. Making the event even more valuable for both young and more experienced minds.

And what is more inspiring that getting the opportunity to talk with experienced companies in the space sector? During our networking event at our own space sector exhibition, you get exactly that chance. A series of companies will be present to show what working in the space sector is all about.

Are you curious about who those speakers will be, and what companies will be present? Register now and we will keep you updated, as it will be announced in a couple of weeks!

Event programme


The event starts in the afternoon to create a relaxed atmosphere and allow more people to join. It consists of three segments: Meet & Greet to let people come in and get seated, Presentations culminating into the QUBE return & display reveal, and a Networking session with a company exhibition. We include a short coffee break between the presentations to keep energy levels in check and to start already some informal networking.

  • 13:00    Meet & greet
  • 13:25    Welcome word + schedule
  • 13:30    Inspirational presentations
  • 15:00    Coffee break
  • 15:15    Presentations about OSCAR
  • 15:35    OSCAR Presentation culminating into QUBE reveal
  • 16:15    Networking & space sector exhibition
  • 22:00    Event closure

After these talks the OSCAR story will be told with the big reveal at the end! This doesn’t mean the event is going to be over. There will be a networking event with all sorts of stands representing companies that are innovative and/or in the space industry. Creating amazing opportunities to connect University, space sector, and students together, showing them that everything is achievable and space is within their reach.

The registrations will be used to monitor the capacity of the event, prepare the nametags and to ensure we have enough snacks and drinks for all of you!

Inspiring speakers

Come to learn how interdisciplinarity and teamwork can impact the innovation, inspiring talks will be given by speakers who are experts in various fields of both terrestrial and space sector! Discover how the interdisciplinary approach can aid in problem solving and unlock the full potential of yourself and your team. Join us for the event and get inspired to dream big and aim high!


Francoise Chombar

is the former CEO of Melexis, a supplier of semiconductor micro-electronics and current chair of the STEM-platform that aims to improve scientific and technological education, while focusing on diversity.


dr. Hilde Stenuit

Hilde Stenuit is Principal Scientists at Space Applications Services and uses her expertise to create opportunities for access to Low Earth Orbit through the ICE Cubes service onboard the ISS, in which the OSCAR-QUBE experiment was operated during its mission.


dr. Nigel Savage

coordinates all aspects of ESA Academy programmes that involve hands-on gravity-related research, which includes the Orbit Your Thesis! programme that enabled the OSCAR-QUBE project.


Maxime Corvilain

is a sector manager at POM Limburg, with a passion to boost the local economy of the province, while collaborating on (European) projects that focus on digitalization, sustainability and scalability.

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Koen De Beule

Koen De Beule is a design engineer at ESA, who is multitasking between research, technical work for investment projects and taking part in communication and education projects to promote space research and technology to the European audience and beyond.


Prof. dr. Jean Manca

is a professor of Physics at Hasselt University and founder of the cross-disciplinary research group X-LAB that stands for “crossover and exploration towards a creative and sustainable future”.


Prof. dr. Milos Nesladek

is the endorsing professor of the OSCAR project and has supported the progress of our technology and growth of our team from the very beginning with his expertise in the field.

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