Safety on campus

Emergency phone numbers


Call 999 (land line)

Via mobile 011/26 88 00

Do not hang up too quickly


+32 475 / 943 002 (mobile)
MAT service employee

Provide following info:

  • name
  • nature of the incident
  • location
  • injuries

Useful phone numbers:

  • ambulance: 112
  • fire department: 112
  • Jan Vanhove: 0472/77 55 53
  • Wim Houben: 0494/53 53 85
  • MAT service employee: 0475/94 30 02


AED devices

Using an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator, is simple. It does not even require any training. Just switch on the device and follow the instructions it provides.

After the electrodes have been put in place, the device is capable of analysing the patient's heart rhythm. If the device decides a shock is necessary, it will instruct you to step back and administer the shock automatically.

Hasselt University's five fully automatic AED devices are located in the following places:

  • Old Prison: First Aid room
  • Building D: First Aid room
  • BIOMED A: hallway ground floor
  • BIOMED C: hallway ground floor
  • IMO: entrance hall

We advise everyone to make sure they know where they are, because every second counts during an emergency.

Why not take a look for your colleagues and get them to take a look for you?

Diepenbeek Campus

The defibrillator is located in the First Aid room in block D, room D15. The device is located in a sealed box. Opening this box will activate an alarm: this is to prevent theft, and alert others to a potential emergency.

Campus Hasselt

The defibrillator is located in the First Aid room D0.7 of the Old Prison.

Campus police

Kris Delvaux is student inspector.
Anyone wishing to make an appointment with the inspector can speak to him on campus or send an email to
Need urgent help? call 101


  • registering complaints and reports
  • patrolling and monitoring parking lots, bicycle stands, bicycle engraving
  • participation in consultation meetings management / students
  • (co-)organisation of events relating to safety


Contact Point Transgressive Behavior

Anyone (UHasselt students, UHasselt visitors, and UHasselt staff) who have encountered transgressive behaviour and would like information or would like to make a report, can visit this info page.

Campus stewards

Two stewards are active each day on the Diepenbeek Campus. They wear recognisable dark blue clothing with the word "steward" printed in grey. They are in close contact with the campus police station. Any campus user can go to these stewards with any questions, problems or suggestions. They will help you, advise you or refer you to the right person or service.

Their job description:

  • preventive monitoring of parking lots and bicycle stands
  • reporting defects and deficiencies to the competent authorities
  • giving directions and referring to the right person or service
  • acting as ombudspersons for all campus users
  • engraving students' bicycles

More information:

First Aid

First Aid kits are located in




Building A

A023 (blood sampling room)

Anne Bogaers

Building C

Basement near Ck09

Ground floor near C019

1st floor prox. C113


Christel Bocken

Building D

D15 (First Aid room)



G0.92 (break room)


Kitchen E block


D13 (student administration)

Jan Vanhove

Annemie Debay

Brigitte Vanacken

Martine Vanhamel

Natascha Steffanie

Jan Vanhove

Etienne Wijsmans

Lut Luts


1.01 (reception)

Relinde Heymans


0.14 (reception)

Ingrid Konings

Law faculty building



Josiane Hermans

Stretcher (+ blanket)

  • central lab corridor close to G25
  • central lab corridor close to G65
  • G68 next to cold room  + First Aid kit
  • D15 (First Aid room)
  • Law faculty building: room 2.15