Ombudsperson per programme

The ombudspersons act as mediators in disputes between students and one or more staff members. These disputes may relate to the application of students’ education and examination regulations and/or legal position regulations or to actions and situations regarded as unfair.

Below you can find the ombudspersons of all the English study programmes at UHasselt. For the complete list of all ombudspersons, we refer you to this page.

Ombuds person

Deputising ombuds person

Faculty of Architecture and Arts

Master of Interior Architecture

Marieke Swerts

Inge Lens

Faculty of Business Economics

Master of Management

Rachel Moreau

Wendy Vankevelaer

Faculty of Medicine and Life Science

Master of Biomedical Sciences

Annelies Bronckaers

Tim Vanmierlo

Faculty of Sciences

Master of Statistics and Data Science

Johan Verbeeck

Fenny Ong

School of Transportation Sciences

Master of Transportation Sciences

Nadine Smeyers

Patricia Hellriegel

PhD studies

Central ombuds person

For any other disputes where the faculty ombudsperson is unable to find a solution or for additional advice, students can contact the central ombudsperson:

Student representatives who consider that their rights are being infringed may also contact the central ombudsperson.