Our natural capital: white paper is out!

Nadia Ecotron Nadia Ecotron


Yesterday, researchers of UHasselt (Nadia Soudzilovskaia), Ghent University (Hans Verbeeck, Kris Verheyen) and Western Sydney University (David Elsworth) released a policy recommendation for the Natural Capital Research.

A vision for long-term research on natural capital and its sensitivities to climate change in a fragmented landscape has been formulated over an extensive consultation of scientists in Belgium. Research innovation involving our natural capital is imperative to move forward on practical, man­agement and policy decisions for climate change and adaptation.

To achieve this, long-term research on natural capital is crucial. ‘It is critically necessary to quantify climate perturbations to ecosystem carbon cycles and belowground assets of ecosystems’, says Soudzilovskaia.

Read the whole article: https://eo.belspo.be/en/news/our-natural-capital-white-paper-out