Sustainable aviation fuels: Economics, environmental performance and regulation

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We are a world expert on the economics and the environmental performance of sustainable aviation fuels

For more than a decade we have been conducting research to help make aviation greener. Our core  area of research is sustainable aviation fuels, in particular with regard to assessments on their economic and environmental viability (using e.g. Techno-Economic Assessments and Life Cycle Assessments) and with regard to designing methods to appropriately account for those fuels in international climate regulation. As such, we have been serving since 2016 as a Task-lead for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Alternative Fuels Task Force/Fuels Task Group.


  • ASCENT 1 - Alternative Jet fuel Supply Chain Analysis
  • ALTERNATE - Potential climate change mitigation strategies based on the use of alternative jet fuel pathways
  • STARGATE - is the response of a consortium of 22 entities led by Brussels Airport committing to create green airports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility


Robert Malina


Environmental Economics

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