Training and education for a sustainable and circular society

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Training and education for a sustainable and circular society

We create transformative learning environments for sustainable development

We are fascinated by educational research on the integration of sustainability in (business) economics education. Therefore, we coordinate several projects on biobased education and competences for a biobased and circular economy, such as circular entrepreneurship. Also, we study the interaction between students and lecturers in terms of the roles of a business person towards sustainability. We are a member of the COPERNICUS Alliance i.e., the European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development.


  • Erasmus+ Activ8 planet - In the Active8-Planet project we aim to research and experiment with unconventional approaches towards teaching and learning that would empower and mobilize students towards future-oriented climate and sustainability actions
  • CILO - Educational program to bring circular business to secondary schools
  • CIRCLESPEED - Take the highway to circular enterprise


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