Meet the Jury – Prof. Andrew P. Monkman

07 June 2023
10:00 - 12:00
Hasselt University, Building D, lecture hall B102

This event has already taken place.

Lecture: The renaissance of spiro-TADF materials - controlled OLEDs with enhanced hyperfluorescence

The major problem with TADF emitters is inhomogeneity, everything from uncontrolled dihedral angles, hugely dispersive rISC rates to ultrabroad emission, all of which cause major problems in OLEDs. Spiro-TADF materials are the way out of this impasse, and they avoid weak N-C bridging bonds between donor and acceptor. They do though have very complex photophysics and completely smash Kasha’s rule to pieces. All this will be highlighted. Finally, using spiro sensitisers for hyperfluorescence has given us great new insight into the whole of hyperfluorescence photophysics, and some exceptional blue OLEDs as well.

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This lecture is organized in the framework of the FWO – Scientific Research Network ‘Supramolecular Chemistry and Materials’ (W000620).


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