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Imo-imomec brings together chemists, physicists and engineers to conduct multidisciplinary materials research. This with a focus on advanced material systems for a sustainable and healthy society. Our core domains: energy conversion, energy storage, sustainable materials, (bio)sensing and quantum technologies.

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Meet the team

The Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec), based at the Hasselt University campus in Diepenbeek, has built a vast expertise in the field of materials science since its foundation in 1990. Our team is strongly multidisciplinary: chemists, physicists, and engineers are working together to develop the material systems of tomorrow. Anno 2022, imo-imomec can rely on more than 5000 m2 of state-of-the-art lab infrastructure, divided over four different locations.

Our research focusses on five domains: energy conversion, energy storage, sustainable materials, (bio)sensing and quantum technologies. More information on our research activities, research projects, and key laboratory equipment can be found below. Does your problem not fit into one of the areas mentioned or do you have a specific question? Our business developers will be happy to help you.


Energy conversion

Photovoltaics (PV) is a widely known technology enabling the transition to a sustainable energy system. To ensure efficiency and reliability, imo-imomec investigates new materials and concepts for PV cell and module technology.


Energy storage

Electrical storage has a key role to play in the energy transition. Not only to bridge the mismatch between power generation and power consumption of renewable energy, but also to improve electricity transmission.


Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials form the backbone for a transition towards a sustainable and healthy society. We focus on organic optoelectronics, biodegradability, coating technologies, and valorization schemes for biomass.


Sensors & healthcare materials

Sensors & healthcare materials focusses on sensor development for applications in different sectors, e.g. healthcare application, and addresses functional materials towards nanomedicine and tissue engineering applications.


Quantum Science & Technology

The quantum Science and Technology (QST) division covers different quantum technology domains, with a particular focus on solid-state spin qubits in diamond and other wide-bandgap materials.


dr. Lieve De Doncker

dr. Lieve De Doncker

Innovation manager

Dr. Steven Van Hoof

Steven Van Hoof (3)

Innovation manager

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