Taxi refund

Are you an International UHasselt student or an Erasmus student at UHasselt arriving in Belgium for the first time?

UHasselt wants to make your first trip to your student room/lodging in Belgium as smooth as possible. We refund part (maximum 30€) of the price of your cab ticket.


  • International student
  • Erasmus student
  • Does not apply to PhD students, Visitors, Internship

What do you need to do?

  • Take a taxi
  • From Hasselt Station  Or an airport in Belgium (Charleroi Brussels South or Brussels International)
  • To your accommodation in Hasselt or Diepenbeek.
  • Pay for the cab
  • Ask for a receipt (in Dutch: Betalingsbewijs).
  • Request a refund .
  • Add
    • proof of payment
    • Ticket to Belgium (a refund is only valid on or the first day after the date of arrival)


The refund

  • is 30€ maximum and can never be more than the amount paid. If a cab ride is shared, the maximum per cab ride for reimbursement is 30€.
  • is only possible for a cab ride on or the first following day after the date of arrival
  • per student is one time
  • is paid to an account number noted in the student file. Possible bank charges (Belgium to NON- EEA) will be deducted from the refund.

Be sure to ask for an estimate of the price before boarding.

The reimbursement of the maximum of 30€ only pays back a part of the entire cab trip.

Illustrative example of the rates:

  • Cab Brussels International - Hasselt: 100€ - Intermediate 30€ = Student pays 70€
  • Cab Brussels South - Hasselt: € 200 -between € 30 = Student pays € 170
  • Cab Hasselt Train Station - Diepenbeek (Hasselt) = 40€ - 30€= student pays 10€.

More information?