About AFP

The AFP group is active within the Sustainable materials research clusters at the Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec) and actively collaborates with other groups within the MATCHEM department. Our research is broadly concerned with advanced functionalization of soft polymer materials employing controlled polymerization strategies and state-of-the-art synthetic technology.

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Research lines


Hybrid hydrogels with advanced functionality

Tailoring the mechanics of hydrogels through chemical functionalization strategies is a major target in our research.


Upcycling post-consumer plastics to high-value materials

Research in our group looks are various manners to use plastic waste as a feedstock to produce new advanced materials.


Flow polymerizations for complex polymer architectures

We are exploring technology that will enable the synthesis of multiblock copolymers by means of continuous flow reactors.

How to collaborate with AFP?

  • Joint research projects: research and development in close cooperation, financed by a third party (e.g. FWO, VLAIO, Horizon Europe, EFRO)
  • Technology/knowledge transfer: you can strengthen your market position through licensing and access to our existing technologies and expertise
  • Partnership: you can cooperate with AFP and use our technology (possibly) in combination with your own technology to set up a new company
  • Scientific services: AFP has long-standing expertise in applied and contract research in collaboration with industry


Prof. dr. Louis Pitet

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Assistant Professor

Materials chemistry

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