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The Biomolecule Design Group (BDG) focuses on the biological and chemical modification of biomolecules, inspired by strategies found in nature. As such, the group's research focus is located at the interface between chemistry, biology and engineering.

The BDG group is part of the research cluster 'materials for health' at the institute of materials research (imo-imomec) at UHasselt and actively collaborates with other groups in the MATCHEM department.

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Research activities

The scientific interests of the Biomolecule Design Group balance between the disciplines of (bio)polymer chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnological engineering, the meeting place of materials science and life sciences.

The main focus of the group lies on the use and development of methods to chemically or biologically modify proteins, inspired by strategies found in nature. By manipulating the biological machinery of living cells, our group focusses on the development of functional protein-based materials.

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Functionalised nanobodies

One of the current goals is to ‘click’ biomolecules covalently and uniquely oriented onto functionalized solid substrates (diamond or conjugated polymers) in order to develop hybrid materials with improved, novel or well-defined biological functionality, reactivity and/or activity.

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NMR-based metabolomics

A second research line is directed at the application of NMR-based techniques to identify altered metabolic pathways in cancer patients. This approach has already been shown to diagnose certain cancer types based on blood samples.

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Protein-based materials

Recently, a new research line has been initiated in the BDG research group. Thermoresponsive proteins are being designed and produced for use in biomaterial applications as part of a new collaboration within the Matchem department and with the biomedical research institute (BIOMED).

Our funding agencies

The research performed in the Biomolecule Design Group is supported by different funding schemes set up by both the Research Foundation Flanders and the Special Research Fund from Hasselt University.


Research Foundation Flanders

Uhasselt Liggend

Special Research Fund Hasselt University

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Collaborate with BDG:

  • Joint research projects: research and development in close partnership possibly financed by a third party (FWO, VLAIO, EFRO, H2020,...)
  • Collaboration with the research group through bachelor and master theses or internships

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Biomolecule Design Group

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Prof. dr. Geert-Jan Graulus

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