prof. dr. Momo Safari

  • Head of the EE research group
  • Professor at Hasselt University
Momo Safari 09 Momo Safari 09

prof. dr. Momo Safari

Momo Safari 09

Thor Park 8320, 3600 Genk, Belgium


Momo Safari is a Professor (hoogleraar) at faculty of engineering technology of Hasselt University and leads the group of Electrochemical Engineering (EE) at the Institute for the Materials Research (IMO) and EnergyVille.

He earned his PhD degree in Electrochemical Engineering from Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France) in 2012, working with Dr. Charles Delacourt and Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon. Momo was a postdoctoral Fellow in the groups of Prof. Linda Nazar and Prof. Michael Fowler at University of Waterloo (Canada) before joining the Hasselt University in 2015.

Momo is interested in the fundamental investigation of electrochemical systems to shed light on and quantify the charge transfer reactions and charge transport phenomena in the electrodes and electrolytes, as well as the aging phenomena.

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