Jeroen Lambrichts

Jeroen Lambrechts Jeroen Lambrechts

Jeroen Lambrichts

Jeroen Lambrechts

Wetenschapspark 1, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

PhD student (guest researcher)

Jeroen Lambrichts received his master's degree in Bio-electronics and Nanotechnology from Hasselt University in 2017, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Nanobiophysics and Soft Matter Interfaces group at the imo-imomec facility at Hasselt University. His research focuses on the development of biosensors for the detection of low-molecular analytes employing molecularly imprinted polymers and state of the art readout methods.

He is currently associated with the NSI group as a guest researcher (vrijwillig wetenschappelijk medewerker).

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