prof. dr. Ken Haenen

  • Full Professor at Hasselt University
  • Vice-Rector Research & Internationalisation
  • Head of the WBGM group
De Hobby Van Ken Haenen 14 De Hobby Van Ken Haenen 14

prof. dr. Ken Haenen

De Hobby Van Ken Haenen 14

Wetenschapspark 1, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

Full Professor

Ken Haenen is a material physicist and the current vice rector of Hasselt University. He obtained his doctorate in 2002, and after six years as a FWO postdoctoral researcher, including a period in Tsukuba, Japan, at the NIMS, he was pointed tenure track lecturer in 2008 and then full professor since 2019. He leads the research group of WBGM within imo-imomec, where his research interests focus on CVD diamond, including deposition, opto-electronic characterisation, surface functionalisation, and diamond-based devices as part of a broader scope examining carbon materials for power generation and conversion. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the magazines “Diamond and Related Materials” and “MethodsX” (Materials Science), and is a member of the editorial board of “Scientific Reports and Physica Status Solidi”. He is involved in the organisation of several leading international diamond and nanocarbon conferences, the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (Chair), Hasselt Diamond Workshop (Co-Chair), and New Diamond and Nano Carbons (Executive Committee).

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