About WBGM

Wide Band Gap Materials (WBGM) research group, led by Prof. dr. Ken Haenen, is a research group based at Hasselt University since 2004. WBGM group actives in the field of wide band gap materials such as h-BN, ZnO, AlN, and with emphasis on the deposition and characterization of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond films. Follow WBGM on Twitter.

The group is part of the Sustainable Materials research cluster at the Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec) and actively collaborates with other groups within the IMOMAF department.

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Research activities

WBGM group encompasses a wide range of wide band gap semiconductors topics, mostly focusing on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond, but also other materials such as h-BN, ZnO, and AlN. For this, the group has access to seven different CVD reactors and three physical vapor deposition machines. The CVD reactors are used in order to grow n- and p-type diamond films from single crystal to polycrystalline, including low temperature (300 oC) and large area (30 x 30 cm2) deposition. In addition, diamond films with novel color centers based on Eu, Ge, etc. are broadly investigated. The research topics include but are not limited to the influence of substrate orientation on growth and dopant incorporation mechanism, their thermionic emission and electronic transport properties, fabrication and characterization of diamond‑based high‑power electronics, diamond membranes, and the formation of heterostructures of BN/diamond, and diamond/AlGaN/GaN. Learn more during our annual Hasselt Diamond Workshop.

How to collaborate with WBGM?

  • Joint research projects: research and development in close cooperation, financed by a third party (e.g. FWO, VLAIO, Horizon Europe, EFRO)
  • Technology/knowledge transfer: you can strengthen your market position through licensing and access to our existing technologies and expertise
  • Partnership: you can cooperate with WBGM and use our technology (possibly) in combination with your own technology to set up a new company
  • Scientific services: WBGM has expertise in applied and contract research in collaboration with industry
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