Radiological analysis

NuTeC is specialised in low-level radiological analysis of materials containing enhanced concentrations of natural and artificial radionuclides.

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Research equipment for radiological analysis

  • High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector (Mirion) model BE5075-7500SI
    • Low level gamma spectroscopic analysis
  • Nuclear lab for handling of liquid and solid materials
    • Leaching studies
    • Determination of radon exhalation and emanation from industrial residues and construction materials via exhalation chambers
    • Pretreatment of residues for characterisation or reuse
  • Mobile detectors for advanced radiological analysis
    • Timepix-3 gamma camera (Advapix, CdTe sensor)
      • The Timepix 3 detector can be used for particle tracking and imaging and is particular useful for the study of cosmic radiation. The Timepix 3 detector was developed at CERN and is used by NASA to track cosmic radiation.
    • Hand held probes for on-site gamma spectroscopy
      • Several types of LaBr3(Ce), NaI(Tl), CZT hand held probes for on-site gamma spectroscopy.
    • Radon monitors
      • Sarad Radon scout
      • Sun Nuclear radon monitor
      • Radon Eye