Reuse & management

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Reuse & management

Nuclear decommissioning

  • Radiological characterisation of sites and wastes generated during nuclear decommissioning
    • Radiological characterisation of concretes considering the properties (aggregates, binders)
    • Contamination depth profiles
    • Monte Carlo models of contaminated concretes

Immobilisation of radioactive waste

  • Development of new cementitious binders (alkali activated materials, inorganic binders) for immobilisation of radioactive wastes
  • Use of nanoparticles for adsorption of radionuclides from liquid radioactive waste

Decommissioning of NORM sites

  • Enhanced landfill mining for NORM sites
  • Evaluation of reuse & management options

Reuse & management of NORM residues

  • Reuse and immobilisation of NORM residues in cementitious binders

Archer project - Nuclear Decommissioning

Archer robot - Autonomous Robot platform for CHaractERization during dismantling, decontamination

Archer robot developed for mapping of contaminated sites during nuclear decommissioning.

The Archer project was realised with the support of the Energy Transition Funds, in collaboration between Equans, Magics, KU Leuven (Acro) and UHasselt (NuTeC)

Archer Robot in action