Reuse & management

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Reuse & management

Nuclear decommissioning

  • Radiological characterisation of sites and wastes generated during nuclear decommissioning
    • Radiological characterisation of concretes considering the properties (aggregates, binders)
    • Contamination depth profiles
    • Monte Carlo models of contaminated concretes

Immobilisation of radioactive waste

  • Development of new cementitious binders (alkali activated materials, inorganic binders) for immobilisation of radioactive wastes
  • Use of nanoparticles for adsorption of radionuclides from liquid radioactive waste

Decommissioning of NORM sites

  • Enhanced landfill mining for NORM sites
  • Evaluation of reuse & management options

Reuse & management of NORM residues

  • Reuse and immobilisation of NORM residues in cementitious binders