Research collaboration

We have a strong tradition of collaborating with service and industry partners in the context of our educational programs (see below). Apart from this, we offer several options for more intense collaborations on specific logistics challenges at all decisions levels within your organization.

For more information on collaborating with our research group, please contact our research manager Lotte Verdonck.

Collaboration in the context of ongoing (PhD) research

On the one hand, adopting recent advances in logistics optimisation and decision making may facilitate your organization to excel (e.g., by obtaining efficiency gains). On the other hand, our (PhD) researchers are actively looking for real-life case studies which allow to validate their academic contributions in a practical setting. This may result in a win-win situation.

Research projects specifically tailored to your business

In recent years, we have performed several research projects in direct collaboration with service and industry partners. We are open to discuss the opportunities for such specific projects, given that there is a scientific challenge within our research expertise. 

Both short-term (e.g. a few months) and more long-term (3-4 years) projects are possible. Cooperation between a company and our research group usually qualifies for subsidies from the Flemish Government, such as VLAIO. In this context, VLAIO offers, among other things, interesting subsidies to both research and development projects and junior (Baekeland mandates) and senior researchers (Innovation mandates).

Strategic partnerships

More strategic partnerships (e.g., academic chairs, donations) are possible as well. More information can be found here.

Educational collaboration

To increase the practical applicability of our educational programs, industrial partners are involved throughout the entire educational program of students. A variety of collaborations are offered to students and industry. Please contact Liesbeth Celis in case of questions or if you are interested in one of the collaborations below.

Guest lectures

Companies give one or more guest lectures on specific topics related to a course unit.

Business cases

Business cases give the opportunity to students to think about a real-life problem related to a course topic. The case is provided by an industrial partner and is typically a problem that the company is facing at the moment. Students will prepare the case (individually or in teams) and provide innovative an inspiring solutions for the problem. Business cases are typically combined with a company tour.

Master thesis

Master theses comprise a long term (typically 1.5 year) research project to a management problem. Academic literature with respect to the management problem is analysed, followed by an empirical study that provides a scientifically supported solution to the management problem.


Internships are the most intensive educational cooperation between a company and a student. An internship is a unique learning moment for a student and perfect opportunity for the company to be inspired. An interesting professional case can be scientifically analysed by the student. The internship is performed during the second master year. More information can be found here.