Project R-7245


Predictive delivery orchestration for ultra-low-latency web applications (Research)


Web latency tends to increase well above the threshold that guarantees a flawless user experience, especially due to the emergence of multimedia-rich interactive Web applications, which consist of ever more and larger resources. PRO-FLOW aims to significantly reduce latency for video-rich Web portals and video collaboration Web applications by adding intelligence to the CDN and P2P delivery infrastructure, while managing the trade-off between performance and security properties and using new Web technologies such as HTTP/2 and HTML5. The envisioned CDN features new predictive delivery orchestration including resource pre-processing and flexible video-representation generation; the next-generation P2P delivery includes novel decentralized configuration intelligence for scalable low-latency video collaboration. Including both video-rich Web portals as well as video collaboration Web applications in the same project has the advantage that PRO-FLOW can cover delivery technologies both for non-real-time and real-time resources, which are increasingly expected to be combined in future Web applications.

Period of project

01 January 2016 - 31 December 2017