Project R-7319


Hospi Adventure: Proof of concept and business model for the development of a game that prepares kids for hospitalization. (Research)


Children get hospitalized for treatment of a decease, for examination, for a surgical operation or for further observation. Every one of these reasons can cause a very stressful situation for parent and child. Dit IOF-research project builds on a feasibility study based on the premise that good information provision to hospitalized children using the right methodology (applied by all involved parties, parents, hospital workers and schools) will have a fear-and stress reducing effect on the child, as well as on the parents. This argument is supported by scientific research. This feasibility study was performed by research groups PXL Zorginnovatie and PXL smart ICT in cooperation with the Jessa Ziekenhuis (or the Jessa Hospital). The goal was to find out if an evidence based serious game would bring added value to children (4-9) and parents regarding the preparation before a surgical operation.

Period of project

19 September 2016 - 18 September 2017