Project R-7608


Internationalization of evaluation systems, master programs and doctoral research within african universities through academic mobility


The MOUNAF mobility program involves four regions of Africa, six african universities (from Morocco, Ethiopia, Mozambique, DR Congo & South Africa) and one european university. It aims to contribute to the capacity building of human resources and the development of international cooperation of partner universities by implementing a program of 117 mobilities (59 master students, 26 doctoral and 32 academic and administrative staff) in the thematic areas: a) Agriculture and food security b) Engineering, including infrastructure and energy c) Educational Sciences The thematic areas a and b will be addressed regarding transdisciplinary approach. The analysis of their impact on participatory development will rely on cross- disciplinary fields (Humanities, Technology of information and Communications and thematic area c).

Period of project

01 November 2016 - 31 October 2022