Project R-8115


Talent over prejudices (Research)


The goal of the project 'Talent boven Vooroordelen' is to contribute to challenging prejudice and discrimination, and to promoting a focus on talent and a talent approach on the labour market. It specifically focuses on prejudice and discrimination against individuals with a disability and ethnic minorities. The project develops a number of innovative tools that aim to help individuals come to a new understanding of prejudice and discrimination, stimulate behavioural change towards a talent approach, and support the structural integration of a talent approach in organizations. The development process of the tools is based on the philosophy of co-creation, and makes optimal use of the expertise of experts by experience and of other relevant stakeholders. The development of the tools is further supported by qualitative research about prejudice and discrimination, and the mechanisms underlying these processes.

Period of project

01 January 2017 - 31 December 2018