Project R-10178


Flanders BioImaging: towards an integrated, translational and multimodal imaging platform from molecule to man. (Research)


Imaging has become a key technology in life sciences and clinical research. As an ESFRI project, Flanders BioImaging (FBI) historically consists of two main multisite nodes: FLAMINGO (Flanders Molecular Imaging Organisation) and LIMBO (Light Microscopy BioImaging Operations), that were both successfully evaluated in the EU EuroBioImaging (EuBI) project at its Interim operation (ERIC status now). The primary aim of this project is to anchor both consortia in order to provide international researchers access to an integrated high-capacity network of state-of-the-art imaging infrastructure and probes in the context of EuBI. The research infrastructure ranges from in vivo and ex vivo biological imaging, over preclinical small and large animal imaging, to human (bio)medical imaging, and includes a complete study design and data analysis expertise where users can be trained in all aspects of the technologies. Furthermore, in doing so, we will develop a common and complementary scientific foundation and structurally enhance the collaboration between the nodes, stimulate differentiating niche applications in each node and improve overall international visibility.

Period of project

01 February 2019 - 31 January 2021