Project R-9837


AR/MR support for laboratory technicians, process operators and maintenance technicians (Research)


Lab and process environments are becoming increasingly complex and varied for employees. Complex (parallel) process steps and a large amount of information must be processed correctly and safely. The tasks in such environments, including operating machines, are still mainly done manually and require the employee to keep an eye on a large amount of often complicated information. Due to recent developments in the available hardware and software for the implementation of Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR and MR) applications, this technology has become accessible and deployable for a wide range of target groups in support of their daily tasks. This project creates a framework for the application of augmented and mixed reality (AR and MR) in a wide variety of production and lab-related tasks in the agri-food sector, biotech and the broad manufacturing industry. Furthermore, it is important that operators and laboratory technicians have relevant data that provide insight into the progress, safety regulations and quality of the process. The project transforms the extensive knowledge and experience of the partners into new practical cases and sets up a counter for the translation between the questions and wishes of companies on the one hand and technology providers on the other. This counter also informs companies about the employability, feasibility and possibilities of the technology.

Period of project

01 April 2019 - 31 March 2022