Project R-9456


Credit for participation in a conference abroad at the Winter Simulation Conference, Göteborg Sweden 09-12 / 12/2018 (Research)


- Abstract of presented paper 1: When a company wants to use business process simulation to support decision-making, a simulation study needs to be conducted. Using a clear stepwise method can avoid overlooking key activities during the simulation study and improves the study's credibility towards decision-makers or project sponsors. In this presentation, a method to perform a simulation study is proposed, which consists of nine steps and uses continuous assessment as a central feedback mechanism. It synthesizes existing methods proposed in literature and positions the actual construction of a simulation model in specialized software in a wider perspective. Given the method's high-level nature, its operationalization is illustrated making use of a real-life simulation study at the emergency department of a hospital, showing that the relative weight of different steps in the method depends upon the project's specificities. - Abstract of presented paper 2: Business process simulation can support the analysis and improvement of business processes and, hence, is a valuable technique to teach to students. Consequently, introductory simulation courses are included in a multitude of study programs. Besides providing students with theoretical knowledge and getting them acquainted with simulation software, it is also important to let them experience the complexity involved in conducting a simulation study in practice. In this respect, this presentation outlines the inclusion of a real-life simulation study in an introductory simulation course. Besides the content of the simulation study, the instructional design, student feedback, company feedback and challenges perceived by the instructor are outlined. Student feedback shows that, even though the project was perceived as highly challenging, conducting the real-life simulation study provided extensive learning opportunities.

Period of project

09 December 2018 - 12 December 2018