Project R-10419


CoroPrevention : Personalized Prevention for Coronary Heart Disease (Research)


European Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) burden is unsustainable. Better risk stratification tools and personalized care of patients are needed for reducing morbidity and mortality of CHD and the associated economic burden. To this end we have planned to shape and implement a personalized secondary prevention program for patients with established CHD. This precision strategy will be tested in a prospective trial, the CoroPrevention Trial, a central element of our proposal. We aim to significantly reduce the numbers of coronary events by using outcome risk- and patient characteristics- guided prevention in CHD patients. 1. Prospectively evaluate clinical utility of personalized prevention in CHD 2. Evaluate health economic and social benefits of the personalized prevention in CHD 3. Discover predictive markers of drug treatment response in CHD 4. Improve current ESC guidelines based on RCT validated clinical data 5. Disseminate the refined prevention program to the attention of practitioners, patients, health care payers and policy makers This program will establish a new economically sustainable personalized treatment practice applicable throughout Europe particularly to those regions where CHD prevention needs upgrading. The used protocols and technologies will carefully assessed by NICE using their standard evaluation methods that will allow independent expert opinions for different European authorities and decision makers. These opinion statements will further be supported by full Health Economics analyses of CoroPrevention Trial. UHasselt is mainly coordinating and involved in the work package defining the prevention/rehabilitation program and providing the supporting software applications.

Period of project

01 January 2020 - 31 December 2026