Project R-9958


IOF mandate Research Institute: Centre for Environmental Sciences 2019-2023 (Research)


CMK is the center of excellence in environmental research and has grown to an academic leadership position with highly motivated teams recognized for their ground-breaking research achievements and assets. Assets include the ECOTRON, longitudinal birth cohort and biobanking, phytoremediation strategies, and biological and analytical research lab infrastructures. The work is grouped into three thematic pillars in sync with the ambitions of Planetary Health: 1.Understanding influences of the environment and of climate change on human health and ecosystem functioning; 2.Developing sustainable clean technologies to mitigate influences of the environment and of climate change on organisms; and 3.Biodiversity monitoring and management, and science-policy interface. CMK will form an ecosystem to formulate a long-term vision for a common purpose and a roadmap with flagship projects for tackling societal challenges relating to Planetary Health. CMK invests in innovation by following the Quadruple Helix collaboration model with active engagement of citizens, communities, non-governmental organizations to create socially responsible and sustainable outcomes. CMK's vision of ecosystem-driven valorization embraces the civic ambition of a strong and resilient region in a fast-changing society. CMK commits itself to serving the community and promoting civic engagement, focusing on social responsibility, community service, and creating positive social and economic outcomes for the region.

Period of project

01 July 2019 - 31 December 2023