Project R-11256


Methodology for determining challenging road sections in term of road safety for powered two-wheelers on rural roads (Research)


Despite advances in road safety, the problem of injuries and traffic crashes is still very prominent, especially for vulnerable roads users, among whom Powered Two-Wheelers (PTW) are included. Injuries and deaths are not only problematic for the family or friends but are also a societal concern. The proposed doctoral research deals with the factors and circumstances that contribute to the occurrence of the traffic crashes that involve PTWs. During the research, the existing literature, research and methodologies will be examined. In addition, efforts will be made to collect relevant data (e.g., historic crash data, road geometry and infrastructure, traffic signaling, and etc.) to verify which factors contribute to these crashes prominently, and this to what extent. Based on the data collected, the aim is to achieve scientific contribution by designing a methodology that will describe the determination of demanding rural/non-urban road sections for PTWs. By applying this methodology, road authorities could optimize road maintenance and equipment and, thus, provide a higher level of road safety for PTWs.

Period of project

01 November 2020 - 31 December 2024